Signature: Antonio Barrero F.
Julián María Moreno Risueño
Responsable de Desarrollo de Negocio Energía de Ayscom Datatec
“Acompañamos al cliente en todo el ciclo de vida de la solución”

Who is Ayscom dataTec?

It is a specialized company in measure equipment instrumentation that goes beyond its distributor condition. Ayscom dataTec goes with the customer in the whole solutions’ life cycle: from pre-sales, that consist in advise technically and present our customer the best solutions once we know their needs; until the post-sale.

If solutions are complex we also impart a specific training so what the customer have all knowledge required to make the most of the tool.

Ayscom dataTec has propossed itself to exceed the paradigm of 'use and throw' and bet for the life cycle extension of components by repair. Is it like that?

#RepairDontWaste philosophy, promoted by ABI Electronics, which we are distributors, it’s a way to work that we would like to introduce in this sector, that besides is a receptive sector, in which can fit perfectly. There are electronic components in almost all equipment that we found in photovoltaic and eolic installations, and also thermosolar or small hydropower.

An electronic plate can be found in any equipment and, nowadays, we deal with its components as mere consumables. This is terrible from both an economic and environmental point of view.

What happen? Now, fortunately, we are beginning to rethink the ways of doing it. And, in this way, our philosophy is: “electronic plates can be repaired, have a largest life cycle and it’s also more favourable to do it, in economic words”.

Then, how could the electronic reparation contribute to the increase of the efficiency of this sector?

It is possible with an equipment that have been working in others sectors for a while, very demanding, as military, naval and railway sectors. It’s about tools to make an advanced dignosis in PCB’s, or as I usually say, a smart electronic diagnosis.

The tools from ABI Electronics simplify and systematise the diagnosis’ proccess substantially, which is complicated. Diagnosis requires a huge technical training, and it involves luck many times. Having a great range of tests give us more posibilities to find possible faults, reducing the reparation to commercial components.

I understand that, as we are talking about sophisticated equipment, Ayscom dataTec trains the technicians of these companies to handle this equipment.

Yes, they do. Actually, as I told you before, our vocation, our way to deal whit any new proyect is walking with our customers. From the first minute: technical advice, equipment selection support and its settings depending on the specific needs, and a intensive training, from which the customer get the required abilities to work perfectly itself. Definitely, we always are available for support.

I guess smart diagnosis equipment make easier the detection of problems besides the operation and maintenance.

Indeed, on the one hand, we are finding faults in less time, and on the other hand, we register these operations to minimise future faults.

With this tool we improve the  traceability of faults and  make professional this kind of activity that used to be something ramdom. 

Why does Ayscom dataTec become part of this market, the market of renewable energy?

On the one hand, we have seen how the reparation of electronic plates by “Smart Diagnosis” have had great effect in other places, like United States, United Kingdom or Brazil; countries that understand #RepairDontWaste philosophy from ABI Electronics and are therefore internalizing this activity. Our goal is to bring this reality to the Spanish market.

Furthermore, Ayscom dataTec have professionals with wide experience and technical knowledge about Test and Measurements Electronical Instrumentation tools, who have provide high value and efficiency to electronical reparation in procedures in other countries, so we have the required ability to contribute to the procedures’ progress in all companies related to Solar and Wind energies.

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