Interference localization in telecommunication environments: Process description


Last July 9th we had an important appointment in Andorra. Specifically with the telecommunications company that operates in the Pyrenean country, ANDORRA TELECOM.

This visit was caused because ANDORRA TELECOM had transmitted us the usual problem of operating with the existence of interference, which on many occasions can cause communication failures and lack of coverage for customers. Due to the very intermittent nature of interference, it is often quite complicated to visualize and, above all, to locate.

To try to solve this problem, our department manager, Daniel Puentes and our applications engineer Sergio Cuesta traveled to the north of the peninsula. This is a clear example of the implication that we try to contribute from AYSCOM DATATEC in all our work:

"Our objective is to provide the best measurement equipment to our clients, accompanying them in all phases of the process,  with personalized treatment  and adapting to each case. Our maxim is to seek  immediate implementation  after the purchase of a product, making our method a complete service".
Daniel Puentes
Sales Manager - Ayscom dataTec

Our objective and our proposal

The aim of the visit was to provide training to the Andorran company in order to equip it with the knowledge and skills necessary to search for and analyse sources of interference in highly sensitive and important communication environments, such as the area of telephone data transmission.


In this case, from Ayscom dataTec we could offer the solution to the problems raised by the client, specifically with the IDA 2 equipment of Narda Safety Test Solutions. But, as usual in these cases, due to the complexity of the operations, it is necessary to accompany the customer with training that meets the needs of use, in order to obtain 100% performance on these machines.

The members who represented the client and who attended the meeting with the Ayscom dataTec team were field technicians and engineers, as well as the head of operations of the neighbouring country’s telecommunications company, with whom they worked in a cooperative atmosphere that greatly favoured learning.


Interference localization in telecommunication environments: Training

At 9:00 the training began, with a short introduction to the IDA 2 team, which would be the epicenter of the demonstration throughout the morning.

The first minutes were dedicated to the physical display of the equipment: push-button panels, antenna connection, loading ports and connectivity. Each of the antennas provided by Narda Safety Solutions was also explained, along with their characteristics and how they would best fit into the world of signal reception. 


The day continued with the explanation of each of the operating modes available to the equipment, facilitators of interference detection. From Ayscom dataTec, special emphasis was placed on making customers aware of each of the menus and data shown on the screen, one of the most important moments of the day.


Once the explanations about the characteristics of the IDA 2 equipment were completed, and we were sure that the ANDORRA TELECOM equipmenthad the necessary knowledge, it was time to put everything into practice abroad. For the practical application, and as an example of sources to be analyzed and geolocated, the telephone antennas that the company itself had installed throughout the city were chosen as constant interference.

After a first test carried out by our engineer Sergio Cuesta, as an example, and once the exceptional performance of the equipment was verified, it was the turn of the ANDORRA TELECOM team to put the knowledge into practice. They were able to move freely through the streets of their city.

IDA 2 Narda Safety Test Solutions

Ida Narda 2

The IDA 2 is an interference and direction analyser. It locates the sources of radiation and unwanted signals. It is not a simple receiver with antennas that only informs of the existence of a signal at a certain frequency, but it is designed with a complete system perfectly adapted to precisely locate the source of the signals.

Despite being a portable equipment characterized by its extreme lightness (2. 8 kg), it has the quality of an advanced bench equipment.


This equipment has a method called smartDF, designed, manufactured and patented by the German brand. This procedure is based on optimized antennas with compass, GPS, preamplifiers, filters and display and detection modes, such as: spectrogram, power meter, oscilloscope, demodulations, I/Q data and address finder. These modules make it easier for the progress of detecting, analyzing and locating unwanted signal sources to be made much more easily than other equipment from another manufacturer might be able to.

IDA 2 Modalities



Level meter


Source location (Horizontal scan)

Source location (Triangulation)

Source Location (Manual Detection)

The oscilloscope mode allows us to display signals in the time domain, so we can see the shape of the possible interfering signal by the characteristics, for example, of its pulses.

Also, IDA 2 contains a demodulation methodology that allows the analysis of auditory signals, and it is possible to find the origin of the signal directly by listening to it, considerably shortening the operation time

As we can see, IDA 2 provides us with tools to detect signals, but the most important thing is to know where the signal is. This is where the Narda equipment deploys its advanced features and allows, by means of both manual and horizontal scans, the millimeter detection of the sources, being able to visualize with precision on a map, the origin of the interferences. Both Daniel and Sergio explained the importance of this localization method and its process of use.

One outstanding feature is the ability to change the operating mode of the IDA 2 independently, with the possibility of configuring the set of parameters without affecting the others, allowing the display mode to be changed quickly, which facilitates the multitasking mode of the device in succession, without them depending on or affecting each other.

End of the day

The day ended after having experienced an exceptional working environment, where the Ayscom dataTec team had the impression that the ANDORRA TELECOM team will be able to use their equipment with total ease, being able to shorten the time it takes to locate undesired signals, which will be transformed into better efficiency in the normal course of their task, and ensure that the ANDORRA TELECOM technicians are self-sufficient in finding interference with the Narda Safety Solutions – IDA 2 equipment.

From these lines we want to thank once again the team of ANDORRA TELECOM for their great welcome and dedication.



Commitment to quality

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