ABI Electronics is a UK based company that designs, manufactures and distributes measurement and fault diagnosis systems for the electronics industry. Among its specialties, the implementation of a series of unique testing techniques to support the measurement, testing, maintenance and repair of PCBs.

Abi’s product line, also marketed by Ayscom dataTec, aims to reduce testing and repair times, simplify operations, help organize and centralize information; facilities that make it a top-of-the-range producer.

At Ayscom dataTec we try to reach and help more customers, so we recommend learning about the application of a very useful technique for repairing and diagnosing electronic cards, the V-I technique or analog signature comparison. In the demo that we propose in the following link you will see how to implement this technique with the use of Abi Electronics BroadMaster.

What is the V-I test?

The V-I test is a safe technique used for components under analysis because the characteristics are acquired when there is no voltage applied to the device. Note that the V-I test can be used on a severely damaged PCB that cannot be fed.

This technique is performed by applying an alternating current (AC) to a device, measuring the current at each point and plotting the result on a voltage/current graph. The SYSTEM 8 AMS, one of Abi’s products, adds an automatic frequency sweep to increase the coverage level of the test. Analyzing and comparing tests can lead to failures such as:

  1. Defective components.
  2. Incorrect component values.
  3. Internally damaged components.
  4. Inconsistent devices within the frequency range.
  5. Open and short-circuited circuits.

Abi Electronics’ test and measurement systems for electronic maintenance and repairs allow for:

  1. Accelerate processes with interactive test sequences.
  2. Reduce user errors with automatic instrument setup.
  3. Detect faults in conditions not visible to other instruments.
  4. Increase test coverage with innovative techniques.
  5. Diagnose programmable components with the JTAG protocol.
  6. Generate your own schematics from sample PCBs.

If you are interested in learning more about the V-I technique or need help to carry out a correct electronic repair of your equipment, at Ayscom dataTec we can help you.

Source: Abi Electronics