Ayscom is committed to greater safety and health at work during the Electromagnetic Fields Conference held by the Regional Institute for Safety and Health at Work (IRSST).

The first Conference on Electromagnetic Fields and their regulation in Royal Decree 299 of 2016 took place on 27 and 28 February at the Regional Institute for Health and Safety at Work in Madrid. During two days the participants had the opportunity to interact with a multitude of technicians specialized in the prevention of occupational hazards from companies from different sectors such as: automotive, aerospace, energy, electronic design, military, among others.

Ayscom, representing the leading manufacturer of electromagnetic fields, Narda Safety Test Solution, joined the conference and heads the list of experts in the field of safety and electromagnetic field measurement.

"ayscom occupational safety seminar" safety and healthThe first day of the event was given by the speaker Manuel García Cano, from the IRSST, who addressed, at a theoretical level, the physical foundations of electromagnetic fields as well as the fundamental content of the new regulation for the prevention of occupational risks in non-ionising fields (Royal Decree 299/2016).  The second day began with the explanation and development of the measurement methodologies, given by Daniel Puentes Fermosel, head of Narda Safety Test Solution at Ayscom.

During the presentation, Puentes explained concepts and schemes of interpretation of the regulations, case studies in which it is necessary to measure, selection of the measurement equipment, and choice of the technology to be used in the equipment, depending on factors such as: type of field, frequency, and variations of these as a function of time and space. Likewise, live demonstrations of the reference equipment in the market were carried out for this type of measurement.

Before finishing, the speakers Pedro Barrios Marca, head of prevention at Iberdrola España, and Robert R. Näf Cortés, consultant at Fremap, explained their experience in low frequency field measurement environments around power and transformation lines, as well as in medical rehabilitation applications in physiotherapy. Providing a practical vision of the concepts developed throughout the event.

The slideshow of the conference is accessible to anyone interested, please contact us.

Source: Daniel Fuentes Fermosel, Head of Narda Safety Test Solution at Asycom