RF FieldFox analyzer, Keysight Technologies

Last November 20th, our applications engineer Sergio Cuesta had the pleasure of giving a theoretical and practical training at ENAIRE about the versatility of FIELDFOX, Keysight Technologies’ RF combo analyzer.

The aim of this training was to help ENAIRE’s technicians get the most out of the equipment that the company has recently acquired from Ayscom dataTec, and which will be a reference in radio aids and radio links in Spain.

The first part of the presentation focused on the theoretical level, reviewing the key concepts of spectral analysis, the antenna and cable analyzer, vector network analyzer and power and pulse meter; all of them, applications integrated in the FIELDFOX.

Next, the technicians put the theoretical knowledge into practice through a practical handling

As a result, at the end of the day, ENAIRE’s technicians valued the experience positively, and received Ayscom dataTec’s commitment to continue helping on a technical level with any queries.I

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