Workers’ safety, a corporate responsibility

In these days when we are talking so much about new regulations, especially with the entry into force of the new Data Protection Act, we would like to comment on another directive that is equally important. We are referring to the Electromagnetic Fields Safety Act or also known as EMC Safety.

The EMC Directive 2013/35/EU is mandatory in the European Union (EU) and exemplary for non-EU countries. This is the minimum specification to protect the health and safety of workers against electromagnetic fields. It is mandatory in the EU, but what about the rest of the world? Is there a need to rediscover the wheel?

If you need to evaluate workplaces, this Directive provides you with valuable information, whether it is office or welding workplaces in the automotive industry or another sector, where you may be exposed to electromagnetic fields.

At Ayscom dataTec, we have the technical experts in electromagnetic field assessment and measurement, as well as the experience of the manufacturer Narda Safety Test Solutions, world leader in EMC Safety, RF Test & Measurement and EMC.

Narda’s range of security products includes broadband and frequency selective measurement instruments, coverage monitoring systems and meters for personal security, as well as real-time spectrum analyzers and RF signal location.

We offer you a video to learn about our partner Narda’s electromagnetic field measurement tools and determine which one best suits your work performance needs in areas of potential exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Source: EMF safety: EMF Directive 2013/35/EU is mandatory in the EU and exemplary for non-EU countries.