The SYSTEM 8 multiplexed matrix switcher and the SYSTEM 8 intelligent switcher, Abi Electronics’ new solutions.

ABI Electronics designs and manufactures high quality test, diagnostic and measurement instrumentation in the UK since 1983. The company’s range of products, distributed by Ayscom, are commonly used in the test and maintenance of highly complex systems across a variety of industries and applications worldwide. Customers choose ABI products for their flexibility, affordability and time-saving features.

Taking into account the comments of the company’s international customers, ABI has designed two new, interesting and innovative products, which will also be on display during the electronics fair Productronica 2017, which will take place in Munich, Germany from 14th to 17th November.

The SYSTEM 8 multiplexed matrix switcher and the SYSTEM 8 intelligent switcher, Abi Electronics’ new solutions.

ABI Electronics has employed the latest technologies and over 30 years of design expertise to deliver a product which uniquely combines the capabilities of both multiplexer and matrix switching topologies.

With the MMS and ABI’s SYSTEM 8 Range of modular instrumentation, you will be able to route signals for design verification and data acquisition applications, run automated functional test on components and PCBs, measure and compare signals from up to 64 points on a circuit as well as making more efficient use of cables, clips and probes. Better still, you can easily achieve high level results without the need for programming and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional ATE, PXI or LXI instrumentation.

SYSTEM 8 Multiplexed Matrix Switch product


  • Is a 16×16 matrix (256 cross points) to connect any channel to any channel, with up to 16 unique paths.
  • Is a Multiplexer/demultiplexer with flexible architecture e.g. 1 to 64, 2 to 32 … 16 to 4 or anything in-between.
  • Provides signal routing from DC to 60MHz through standard IDC connectors.
  • Switch signals of up to 100V or 1A with the 10W rating.
  • Is expandable, with multiple systems working together to increase testing possibilities.

Combine MMS with SYSTEM 8 Modules and ABI’s TestFlow Manager to:

  • Create and store interactive test sequences with media-rich content (Office files, PDFs, webpages and videos).
  • Record and generate detailed reports in CSV, Database or HTML formats.
  • Add conditional programming using built-in script editor and variables.
  • Run multi-point, power-off 3D signature analysis with automatic frequency sweep.
  • Perform interval scanning and logging of DMM readings.
  • Inject AC/DC signals and get automatic PASS/FAIL results from multiple reference points.
  • Integrate library-driven component level functional test to your verification routines.
  • Communicate and manage external applications using Python.Sample configuration-Systems-8

For low-volume operations, the SYSTEM 8 Multiplexed Matrix Switch combined with the SYSTEM 8 Range, allows many sequential tests to be performed on the Board Under Test without the need to keep unplugging and changing cables. This solution reduces drastically both test set up time and execution. You can add further flexibility and convenience by using the SYSTEM 8 SmartSwitch to navigate through your test sequence.

SYSTEM 8 SmartSwitch

The SYSTEM 8 SmartSwitch is a fully programmable, 2 Channel USB interface designed to operate exclusively with ABI’s SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software and test equipment. Consisting of a hardware plug & play module that connects to a standard full-size USB port, the SYSTEM 8 SmartSwitch provides 2 channels that can take on up to 4 switch inputs. These inputs can be provided by standard triggering mechanisms such as foot or hand switch, safety buttons, conveyors and compatible sensors.

The operator can configure how each input should be interpreted by ABI’s software through a built-in, user-friendly Control Panel available in SYSTEM 8 Ultimate. Setting up the SmartSwitch is simple. A list of possible actions and commands associated to ABI’s test instruments, applications and the TestFlow Manager is embedded in the SmartSwitch Control Panel. When used within a TestFlow, the SmartSwitch setup will be recorded and recalled automatically the next time the user runs the same TestFlow file.

Key benefits:

  • Keep your eyes on the PCB whilst you’re performing a test. Activate the SmartSwitch when you are ready to move on.
  • Create, save and recall configuration profiles for the most used SYSTEM 8 instruments.
  • Use the SmartSwitch to interact with existing SYSTEM 8 instruments as well as the TestFlow Manager.
  • Easily trigger events once cables and probes have been positioned correctly.
  • Start/Stop data acquisition without having to use a mouse anymore.

What’s in the box:

  • 2-channel SYSTEM 8 SmartSwitch USB dongle.
  • 1 Double heavy-duty footswitch.
  • 1 SYSTEM 8 Ultimate Software Installation USB storage card.
  • 1 Starter Guide.

At Ayscom, distributor of ABI Electronics, we can inform you about these new products and many others available, especially those that can make your work easier with electronic instrumentation.

Source: ABI Electronics