Ayscom dataTec, Premium Partner Plus of Keysight Technologies.


Get an immediate 35% discount on Keysight Technologies products to equip your educational laboratory with the best electronic instrumentation on the market.

Promotion applicable with the purchase of a hardware and software base listed in the following link:

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ALL basic laboratory instrumentation is included:

  1. Essential equipment: multimeters, DAQs, counters and function generators.
  2. Oscilloscopes: from 50 MHz to 6 GHz.
  3. Power: DC power supplies, AC, SMUs, electronic loads.
  4. Handheld instruments: multimeters, thermographic cameras, forceps.
  5. RF: spectrum analyzers, signal generators, CSF meters.

In our aim to improve day by day and offer a better service to our customers, since 1 December 2017 Ayscom is Premium Partner Plus of Keysight Technologies, which translates into an increase in the solutions we work with, offering them the same technical support and personalized treatment usual.

Get your discount on Ayscom dataTec until March 31,2018