SignalShark – Seven senses to catch any signal

Evolution made the shark the perfect hunter, equipped with seven senses, and our R&D engineers have made the SignalShark the perfect signal hunter.

What are those seven senses of SignalShark? Find out here:

Logo_Narda_Safety_Test_Solutions.svg signalshark

Meet the new challenges with SignalShark:

With its bandwidth of 9 kHz to 8 GHz as an analyser and 40 MHz for real-time measurement, SignalShark can seamlessly measure not only traditional services such as GSM, 3G or WiFi, but also new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and 4G and 5G mobile networks.

More and more devices have to share the same available frequencies, so SignalShark is able to:

  • Perform broadband measurements across the entire frequency bandwidth
  • Detecting hidden signals
  • Reliably capture high-speed pulses
  • Geolocate interference signals
  • SignalShark is the best solution for complete measurements of the complex RF spectrum.

World premiere in: Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain 2017 (Hall 6 – Booth C58, 2. – 2.3.2017)

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