Supply of power supplies for high performance batteries in submarines

At Ayscom DataTec, we have completed an important project for the supply of two high-performance bi-directional and regenerative power supply systems, from Elektro Automatik of 60 KW, for the loading and unloading of TRITON SUBMARINES submarines.

These recreational submarines, designed and manufactured by TRITON SUBMARINES, are powered by high-power batteries incorporated into their detailed structure.

To guarantee the correct system operation for several hours under water with absolute safety, it is necessary to carry out a test on the batteries that accurately reports the status and need to charge them.

With the aim of exceeding the project requirements, from Ayscom dataTec we worked together with TRITON in the definition of the test needs, among which we found that it was necessary to charge the two battery pods of a submarine model by generating energy with different current and voltage profiles.

Submarino 1650 7 configurable TRITON

These load profiles on 30kW battery systems imply:

In order to comply with all the stages, it is necessary to use a device capable of drawing voltage and current curves independently, accurate in time and adjustable to the battery reading at all times, that is, with remote sense capability.

In addition, the discharge profile of the batteries would follow a similar process of voltage and current curves, always monitoring at all times, the consumption demanded by the submarine (our DUT, device under test) from the batteries, and therefore characterizing the demand of each operating mode of the same; just as it is done in a test of low-power devices such as a mobile phone.

Gráfico curvas de tensión y corriente

Finally, this drain of the batteries must meet two needs:

Elektro Automatik PSB 1000

With all the information gathered, we decided that the best option was the intelligent power supplies with regenerative electronic load capacity from the manufacturer Elektro Automatik.

Specifically, the Elektro Automatik 10000 series PSB power supplies, as they provide up to 30kW in a single unit, and can be paralleled to more units up to 960kW.

Ayscom dataTec Team, with the Elektro Automatik PSB 1000.

These models have the following differentiating functions in the market:

At Ayscom dataTec we have completed a project that has allowed us to increase the level of experience to face future professional challenges.

Specifically, those related to advice for the test of charge and discharge of high power batteries in any sector, supplying equipment from the leader in power supplies Elektro Automatik, thanks to the results of the case in collaboration with TRITON, the leading manufacturer of recreational and research submarines in the United States and now also in Europe.

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