ME5100 and ME1130 courses for device security management, IoT Cloud and LTE

Considering the impact of IoT and its challenges in the current context, our partner DreamCatcher, offers for the first half of 2019 two training packages on the administration of IoT systems, as well as on the simulation and implementation, in real time, of the LTE network.

The Growthof IoT usage and its Challenges

Mckinseyestimate that by 2025, IoT will have a potential total economic impact as muchas $11.1 trillion per year and security is a prerequisite for successfulparticipation.

As more and more IoT devices make their way into the world, deployed inuncontrolled, complex, and often hostile environments, securing IoT systemspresents a number of unique challenges. According to Eclipse IoT WorkingGroup’s 2017 IoT developer survey, security is the top concern for IoT developers.

ME5100 IoT Cloud and Device Security Management


Intended for: 

  • IoT Device and Security Management
  • IoT Cloudand Device Security
  • Privacyand Security in IoT

Benefits of the ME5100 courseware: 

  • The development kit consists of an IoT gateway (Raspberry Pi) and IoT sensor nodes can be a program and configure to form an IoT end-to-end system. 
  • Setup and manage a complete IoT system, which consists of the sensor node, gateway, and cloud service. 
  • Manage IoT cloud server performance and server security.
  • Practical exposure to secure IoT communication between sensor node and gateway through encryption and decryption.
  • Implement efficient cryptography algorithms on a resource-constrained sensor node. 
  • Use cryptosystem to protectthe privacy of IoT applications users.

ME1130Essentials of LTE and LTE-Advanced

LTE formative kit

TheME1130 serves as a ready-to-teach package for in-depth understanding andhands-on experience on LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies.

The Software-Define Radio implementation of the LTE’s eNodeB and EPC is apowerful platform not only practical for students to explore LTE protocols andlearn how to build a standalone LTE network but it is also very useful forresearch purpose.

Benefitsof the ME1130 courseware:

  • The hardware kit is a standard-compliant implementation of a subset of 3GPP Release 10 LTE for UE, eNodeB, MME, HSS, SGw and PGw on a standard Linux-based computer. A software-defined radio is used as the RF front-end of the LTE eNodeB. This powerful and flexible platform is useful for both teaching and research.
  • The training kit can be used for both simulation and real-time implementation of LTE network. Students will learn how to configure and connect a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) UE (e.g., smartphone) to the LTE network (the soft eNodeB and EPC) and gain further insight on the real-time signal processing and protocols of LTE.
  • Students will also get to experiencethe usage of the industry-grade tool, such as a mixed-signal oscilloscope tocapture digital and analog signals for verification, and the Keysight’s VectorSignal Analyzer software for spectrum and baseband signal analysis.